The Chiropractic Summit was created in September 2007 in recognition of the profession's desire for unity. The first Summit meeting, held in Washington, D.C., was comprised of 13 organizations; the Summit has some 40  members , representing leadership from education, research, regulatory bodies, political action, practice management, chiropractic media and national associations.

It is the goal of the Chiropractic Summit to work on the following critical issues:

1. National Health Care Reform/Medicare Reform & DoD/VA/PHSC
2. Doctor Practice Satisfaction & Self Esteem

3. Profession wide collaboration, grassroots mobilization and self regulation.
4. Reimbursement/Anti-discrimination
5. Public Relations - telling the chiropractic story and promoting the brand (competition and cultural authority)
Another major focus of the Summit has been to improve practitioner documentation quality and compliance particularly within the Medicare system. The Summit Documentation Committee serves as a resource for the profession in providing accurate and timely information by publishing periodic topic-specific articles on proper documentation.

One voice. One message. Securing a better future.


Documentation Committee Article: If You Get a Request for Records – Respond! 

In the last two articles, we discussed two of the main reasons for denial when chiropractic records are reviewed by Medicare contractors.(1.2) As noted, inadequate  treatment plans and missing signatures are two of the top reasons for denial… when records are received; however, a larger problem is when the records are not received at all.  More...

  Chiropractic Summit Promotes Drug-Free Approach to Health Care
November 14, 2013



Chiropractic Summit Partners


Chiropractic Summit Partners at Summit 23.  Photo Courtesy of Dr. John Nab.


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